Why I Picked Maple Sap as a beverage

Keith Harris
May 17, 2021

As Founder and CEO ofTroll Bridge Creek Inc. the most gratifying times of my beverage career waswhen I was doing my own demos and manning the booths at shows from Paris,France to Budapest, Hungary to Shanghai, China to Tokyo, Japan. The bestcustomers were, by far, the shoppers at my partners in retail, the grocerystores. I had the chance to share my wonder in maple sap. I got a chance, athousand times to tell my story. How, on a school trip when I was 12, I firsttasted the refreshing maple sap directly from the stainless steel buckethanging on a maple tree. Imagine being in the Canadian spring time forest. Snowstill on the ground, but not so deep, our breath hanging in the air around us.I tilted the bucket back and drank. Refreshing, ice cold, clear, clean waterwith a hint of sweetness and earth as the lingering tone. I wanted to sharethat memory with everyone.


KiKi MapleWater is my vehicle to do that.


So now youknow the story, please share.


Simple,Sustainable, Canadian.




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