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What is maple water

Maple water is the name that the industry decided to call Maple Sap. Maple Sap is the term for the liquid that comes from the tree. It is present in every tree and is utilized by the tree to move energy and nutrients between the roots to the leaves. During the freezing winter months the maple tree stores the sap in the roots. As the weather warms up in the spring the sap moves up to the branches to provide these nutrients to grow the new leaves.

Health Benefits

Maple Water contains all the nutrients needed to keep a strong and tall sugar maple tree healthy! With over 64 antioxidants, 80 nutrients, amino and organic acids Maple Water beverages are an ideal source to restore your electrolytes and rehydrate. The Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium present in Maple Water are just some of the essential minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!

Maple Water vs Birch Water

Birch water has long been consumed in northern Europe at the same time maple water has been consumed in North America. Birch water is by its nature dilute in comparison to maple water. The difference is in the individual nutrient makeup and percentages in each. Both are good for you.  Maple Water has now gained more traction than birch water due to the pleasant maple flavor.

Maple water vs Coconut Water

Coconut water is very similar to maple water. Both are plant-based liquids.  Maple Water has more than 80 nutrients, 64 antioxidants, minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Where it mainly differs from coconut water is that maple water does not contain salt and has a lower calorie content.

Why did we start KiKi Maple?

We wanted to promote a beverage that embraced our key philosophies of simplicity, sustainability and Canadian made.We wanted everyone to share my childhood experience of our first refreshing taste of Maple Water directly from the bucket.  In this way we want people to realize that Mother Nature will provide everything necessary for a healthy more contented life.

Our Flavours

simply Maple

Our goal is to give the consumer a refreshing beverage that is maple water as it comes directly from the tree.  So cool, refreshing, and with the lowest number of calories of all our maple waters.

Maple Blueberry

The refreshing taste of blueberry with a hint of maple.  Our most popular beverage combines all the goodness of maple with that of the blueberry.

Maple Strawberry

Made with pure maple and strawberry puree. Although the number of calories are the same as the 4 flavored beverages the Strawberry comes across as sweet. This adds to the maple to give the consumer a guilt-free taste experience.

Maple Lemon

Ah, lemon. First, you detect the lemon, then the sweetness, the finish is all maple. Also very popular with those consumers that like a daily detox. Heat a glass of Maple Lemon add your favorite spice (I use cayenne pepper). Enjoy on those chilly mornings around the fire.

Maple Cranberry

This combination of natural good for you ingredients is just right. Enjoy chilled on a hot day or at room temperature anytime. The cranberry provides the tartness to brighten up the mild sweetness of the maple.

How it's made

Watch and see how we produce our maple water

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